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In the summer of 1995 John got his first electric guitar. Two weeks later he took it all apart to figure out how it worked. He did the same with amplifiers and effect pedals. He later sought a formal eduction and began studying under John Marshal at a luthier school in Georgia. Upon completion of luthier school, he built a bench in his garage and called every friend he had that played guitar. Before long, people he didn’t know were calling him for their guitar repair needs. Eventually his repair turnaround went from a few days to a few weeks due to word of mouth. 


John moved to Lancaster in 2012 and began taking in the repair role at a local, big-box, guitar store and quickly realized he had more work than he’d ever need. In 2015 John helped open Tone Tailors. As a co-owner his plans were to have a local shop full of knowledgeable people and cool gear. When it comes to doing all the crazy modifications a player could ask for, John can handle the job! 


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My name is Joe Fuscia. I was born and grew up in southern New Jersey, and recently moved out to Lancaster. I am a multi-instrumentalist who can comfortably teach Guitar, Bass, and Drums. I have about 15 years of playing experience.


I have been playing in bands and recording music since I was 10 years old. In high school I was recruited into the marching band. Being in marching band exposed me to a lot of great teachers and mentors, and really helped me understand rhythmic accuracy and technique. I graduated high school in 2010 and immediately hit the road and started touring with various bands.


In 2015 I ended up moving to Lancaster to be closer to the band I joined at the time. After 2 years of nonstop cross country touring that band broke up, but I stayed in Lancaster and worked on new projects. My current bands are No Such Noise (ska/punk), Sleepy Limbs (Indie Rock), and Alow (Alt Rock).